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Sanitize for solidarity, people!

Due to the current situation we decided a while ago to produce an anti-virus sanitizer for hospitals and care facilities. Now the German government requested to include consumers as well. Hence, we are selling our disinfectant via and to you directly! We are very happy to support the global fight against the spread of Coronavirus. Hospitals, care facilities or supplier of raw material, feel free to get in touch with us via E-Mail: 

We are now adding a surface disinfectant to our anti-coronavirus-products.

Currently we are providing schools and local shops with 1 or 5 litre canisters of surface disinfectants to help them comply to the hygienic and protective regulations given by the government. It is based on sodium hypochlorite, alholfree and available in 1 and 5 litre canisters.
For commercial requests (only) please send an Email to

Ready-to-use solution (suitable for spraying and wiping processes) for use on Surfaces, floors, objects, counters, kitchens, Cold stores, rooms of all kinds, toilet facilities, Bed frames, door handles etc.