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"Since i have been using my skinmade skin care, my skin feels much more relaxed."

Roman, 33


"For years I cleaned my face with the same product - until now. The skinmade clean & care oil cleans and cares at the same time indeed and it makes my skin feel so soft. #Iloveit"

Puran, 26


"I love how my skin feels after I applied the clean & care oil - so smooth and well nourished."

Luisa, 26


"I have been looking for a facial lotion perfectly suiting my skin type at the same time as consisting of natural ingredients for quite a while! I am so happy for having discovered skinmade, my personalized facial lotion is easy to apply, is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling soft."

Thuy, 28

"The skinmade clean & care oil makes cleansing my face so easy! I was really surprised. My skin felt really nice and relaxed afterwards. Thankfully I found a great product consisting of few natural ingredients."

Mailo, 28