# better together

Better together
zanitize + repair & care hand lotion

In our team of dermatologists & molecular biologists it was a matter of the heart for us to give disinfected hands the care they need to stay soft. Our repair & care hand lotion is a natural product with high-quality ingredients from controlled organic cultivation - sustainable and in accordance with the COSMOS standard. better together - the skinmade 2in1 product - offers your skin protection against viruses (zanitizer) & against dehydration (repair & care hand lotion). That means: Keep on disinfecting your hands - the necessary care is only a twist away!

1. zanitize hand disinfectant

Rub hands with skinmade zanitize hand disinfectant and let it dry. For hygienic hand disinfection, rub the hands twice with approximately three milliliters of the solution and keep them moist for 30 seconds each.

2. repair & care hand lotion

Spread the cream in circular motions back to back of your hands. Make sure to include fingernails and cuticles. Finally, treat the palms and forearms. The hand lotion can be applied several times a day as required to support a healthy skin barrier and at the same time provide the skin with intensive moisture.