DID YOU KNOW that acne in adults over 25 is called acne tarda, late acne or adult acne?

Open and closed blackheads appear especially on the face, often also on the neck, shoulders, chest and back. Skin affected by acne is characterized by a slightly greasy, shiny appearance. In moderate to severe cases, the skin becomes red and inflamed pimples, papules and pustules appear.

WOW, you can avoid this to prevent acne & blemishes:

[+] smoking and alcohol,
[+] unsuitable skin care products and make-up that have not been tested for their so-called comedogenicity,
[+] poor or inadequate cleansing of the skin,
[+] high amount of carbohydrates, excessive consumption of cow's milk and dairy products

IMPORTANT: possible causes of impurities & acne that you have no direct influence on:
[+] Hormonal changes/disorders
[+] Medication (e.g. lithium, steroids, cortisone)
[+] Genetic predisposition

Dr. Lars Rüther

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