“The production of individual facial care based on hyperspectral measurement is unique in the world.”

– Dr. Lars Rüther, founder of skinmade

If you want to improve your skin, you have to understand their language. Let's listen together. We translate individual needs and help the skin regain its natural strength and radiance. Skinmade® is a research result and a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute and sees itself as a technology leader in personalized skin care. With our Smart Spectrum we connect your institute directly to Skinmade's cyber-physical production system for personalized skin care:

1. With Skinmade's globally unique hyperspectral measurement, you can analyze your customers' most important skin biomarkers in just a few minutes.

2. Skinmade's artificial intelligence calculates personalized system care.

3. The personalized system care is produced fresh and personalized in Skinmade's production system in Stuttgart.

Together with you, our goal is to effectively treat skin problems such as blemishes/acne, hyperpigmentation, redness/rosacea, wrinkles/sagging skin. By best identifying individual skin needs, the skin always gets what it really needs.

Treating skin problems

“skinmade stands for facial care with the highest effectiveness – because the skin receives exactly what it currently needs: over- or under-care is excluded.” – Dr. Lars Rüther, founder of skinmade

The basis of skinmade's system care is a personalized 2-level biomarker treatment - individual skin problems are treated effectively.

Level 1 - The dermatological basis for the treatment of skin problems is an intact skin barrier. Our personalized Level 1 products regulate skin moisture and lipids and thus bring the skin barrier and the acid mantle into their biological balance. This allows the skin to regenerate and optimally fulfill its barrier function (e.g. protection against external influences).

Level 2 – Starting from an intact skin barrier, Level 2 is about the targeted treatment of the specific skin problems wrinkles, dry skin, impurities and acne, hyperpigmentation as well as redness and itching (accompanying therapy: rosacea).

Biomarker analysis with skinmade's Smart Spectrum

The Smart Spectrum is a technology developed in-house by skinmade. With the help of our Smart Spectrum, hyperspectral measurement of skin biomarkers can be carried out. Biomarkers are biological characteristics of natural and/or pathological processes and changes in the body. Thanks to our non-invasive hyperspectral measurement, we get into the deep layers of the skin. We use the cells' ability to absorb light to detect skin biomarkers and the current condition of the skin. "Using our hyperspectral measurement, we measure the skin biomarkers lipids, moisture and collagen in just a few minutes." – Dr. Lars Rüther

Skinmade's artificial intelligence, which we have been training for 10 years now, interprets this data and calculates personalized formulations that are freshly produced in skinmade's production system in Stuttgart.

The aim is to improve the skin's biological processes. This is a continuous process in which the formulations are continually adjusted to the current condition of the skin. The aim is to gradually bring the skin's biomarkers to their optimal value.

skinmade's personalized production

“We are very proud that we can produce the right cream in-house for every individual skin condition. Every face cream is individually made and freshly produced.” – Viktor Balzer, founder of skinmade

The production process was developed by us, at the time as scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation. With skinmade's Smart Spectrum, which is located in your institute, we connect your institute simply and easily with skinmade's cyber-physical production system in Stuttgart. You can analyze your customers’ biomarkers in just a few minutes. Your customers can even choose the scent and texture. The results of the biomarker analysis as well as the calculated personalized system care for your customers are sent directly and in real time to skinmade's production system in Stuttgart and produced freshly and automatically. Your customers will receive their personalized system maintenance delivered directly to their home by post within 2 days.

Our headquarters, laboratory and production facility are located in Stuttgart.

skinmade's personalized system care works on a cellular level

Our personalized system care works specifically on specific skin cells. Using sophisticated and innovative penetration systems, we consciously direct active ingredients into the skin cells where they are needed. We use unique, potentiating combinations of active ingredients. Thanks to our unconventional and innovative approach, we can e.g. B. stimulate the production of the body's own collagen and hyaluronic acid, reduce the production and transport of melanin, reduce inflammation, embed capillaries in the dermis and much more.

When selecting our raw materials, we have the highest quality standards. Of course, our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

We develop all of our products in-house in our own laboratory in Stuttgart. In our development, we always remain true to our scientific origins from the Fraunhofer Institute - innovative and unconventional.

our philosophy

We believe that if you want to improve your skin, you need to understand their language. We know we can understand skin because we can translate its language and reliably determine its individual needs. Our approach is comprehensible and always transparent. This means people understand what we do and feel understood at the same time. We accompany people on a process of regeneration and constant improvement. In this way we continually demonstrate our understanding and special skills. In this way, we create unparalleled trust in our brand and our product, but also strengthen people's trust in themselves. We don't tell the skin what it needs, we listen to it. The skin tells us its needs and we understand them. We translate individual needs and help the skin regain its natural strength and radiance.

Further information about the partnership

What added value can I offer my customers with Skinmade?

With your own hyperspectral measuring device, you can offer your customers the added value of a scientific personal skin analysis & biomarker measurement with the highest measurement accuracy - in other words: personalized facial care products with optimal effectiveness. How does that sound to you?

All products are freshly produced at our headquarters in Stuttgart and sent directly to your customer’s home.
For on-site treatment, you will receive a selection of products specially developed for our partner cosmetic studios.

About the technologies we use

_Non-invasive hyperspectral measurement

_Measuring the reflection of light at different skin depths

_Evaluation of the biomarkers via the absorption of the wavelengths

_Light ranges: infrared and visible light

_Skin analyzer currently measures 3 biomarkers in less than 1 minute: moisture, fat and collagen content

_skinmade uses a specially developed artificial intelligence to interpret the measured data (skin values).

_The origin of the measuring method lies in materials testing and is used, among other things, for non-destructive testing in aviation

_skinmade is the only company in the world that produces fresh, personalized facial care for its customers based on hyperspectral measurement

How can I become a Skinmade partner and how does this partnership work?

Here's how it works

  1. You will receive the Smart Spectrum skin analysis device by skinmade - a hyperspectral measuring device beyond state of the art (+ training).
  2. You integrate skin analysis and biomarker measurement into your treatments and/or advise your customers based on the results.
  3. We receive the skin measurement results via a cloud, on the basis of which we produce personalized facial care products freshly and individually and send them to your customers by post.

If you are interested and/or have any questions, please contact us by email at together@skinmade.de or by phone at +49 (0)711-50092128 . We look forward to seeing you!

I look forward to meeting you!

Ekaterina Ottenbacher

key account manager