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frequently asked Questions

Do you have questions about the ordering process?

Where and how do I get skinmade products?

You can get your skinmade skin analysis and products from selected skin experts or cosmetic studios in your area. In order to be able to accurately record your biomarkers and therefore your dermatological skin condition, we measure directly on your skin, which means you would have to visit us in one of our partner cosmetic studios near you. You can find these under “Find a partner studio”.

Would you like to know more about the process of your skin analysis?

What is being measured?

We first measure the two most important biomarkers of your skin, the fat (sebumetry) and the moisture content (corneometry). In addition, we can use our hyperspectral measurement to record biomarkers such as collagen, elastin, cytokines and porphyrins.

Where is the measurement taken?

We measure directly on your skin, in three different places: the forehead (T-zone), the cheek (U-zone) and the corner of your mouth. This way we capture all the different areas of your face.

How is it measured?

We measure directly on your skin using a scientifically and dermatologically validated hyperspectral measuring device. The analysis is non-invasive, which means that the hyperspectral measuring device does not penetrate your skin, but is only held lightly against the surface of your skin. You will be supported by a skinmade expert during the skin analysis. She or he will be there to help you if you have any questions.

When is it measured?

‍ Your skin's biomarkers are measured before each production of your facial care products. Your skin condition changes through the use of the personalized system care products and of course through your lifestyle (e.g. sleeping habits and diet). The change in seasons and different weather conditions can also affect your skin condition. The renewed analysis ensures that your products are always optimally tailored to your changing skin condition.

How long does the analysis take?

Each biomarker is measured a total of three times on each side of the face to obtain a precise measurement result. Overall, the measurement takes around three to five minutes.

Do I see the measurement results?

Yes, you can see the values ​​of your measured biomarkers and your current dermatological skin condition. Your skinmade expert will also show and explain to you what these values ​​mean and how far away you are from your natural biological balance. As soon as you use skinmade products and have a follow-up measurement, we compare the values ​​and see how your skin condition has developed.

Do you have questions about your individual recipe?

How is the recipe for your cream calculated?

Our knowledge of highly effective, personalized recipes that can sustainably improve individual skin condition comes from research results at the Fraunhofer Institute and Dermatest. Our research has shown us which personalized ingredients and concentrations we can use to positively influence a specific skin condition. The ingredients and concentrations are calculated to suit your current skin condition and produced fresh.

Which ingredients are used?

Even individual recipes are only as good as the quality of the individual ingredients. That's why we only use natural, skin-identical and certified raw materials of the highest quality for our products. This is how we ensure high bioavailability of our ingredients. We are convinced that you should only give the skin what it really needs and not damage or burden it with unnecessary ingredients. The exact ingredients that go into a cream vary from person to person and from measurement result to measurement result. After your skin analysis, i.e. before the cream is produced, you can of course see which ingredients have been calculated for you.

Do you have questions about personalizing our products?

Can you choose your own ingredients?

Since the composition of the ingredients and their concentrations depend on the objective skin analysis and must correspond precisely to the recipe calculation of our artificial intelligence, these are fixed and cannot be selected individually. This is the only way to put together an effective formula that is tailored precisely to your skin condition.

What can you choose yourself?

You can decide for yourself how you want your cream to smell. You can also choose a fragrance-free cream here. You can also choose how you want your cream to feel. It can either be a little firmer and richer or a little lighter and more liquid.

Do you have questions about the production of your facial care?

Where is production taking place?

Immediately after your skin analysis, your facial care products will be freshly produced in our own production facility in Stuttgart and sent to your home. After just 2 days they are here!

How long does production take?

You will receive your facial care product in just 2 days after your analysis. We produce fresh products in Stuttgart every time based on your skin analysis. This fast production and delivery is made possible by our patented production process.

Would you like to know more about how to use your cream correctly?

How is the cream used?

It's best to apply your face cream to your previously cleansed face in the morning and evening. Of course, you can use the cream more often if necessary.

How long is the cream used?

Use your cream until the jar is used up. This usually takes around six to eight weeks. As soon as your cream is used up, we measure again, compare the values ​​from the previous analysis, calculate a new recipe and produce it fresh for you again. If you can't make it to a skin analysis, you can easily reorder your current formulation by email to .

Is the cream tested?

Our products are dermatologically tested in an independent research institute.

Further questions

What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are biological characteristics of natural and/or pathological processes in the body.

How does skinmade affect my skin?

Your skin is very good at regenerating and caring for itself. It does this best when it is in its natural biological balance; if their skin barrier is intact. We can use our skin analysis to determine whether your skin is in balance or how far away from it it is. Our goal is to help your skin regain its natural biological balance and keep it there with our skin analysis & biomarker measurement and the corresponding personalized system care from skinmade. So we train your skin to care for itself.

What does my personalized system maintenance include?

Skinmade's personalized system care includes the following products: your personalized clean & care oil for thorough/optimal cleansing of the face, a serum (or several serums) - tailored to your specific skin problem -, the sun protection oil protect & care sun oil as well as your personalized Face cream for morning and evening.

What does 2-level biomarker treatment mean?

skinmade's personalized system care is based on a 2-level treatment. Level 1 - an intact skin barrier - forms the dermatological basis for solving individual skin problems. With regular use of the individual face cream and the personalized clean & care oil, the biomarkers moisture and fat content are regulated and brought into balance: the skin can regenerate and optimally fulfill all its functions. Using protect & care sun oil additionally protects the skin from UV rays and nourishes, repairs and regenerates the skin cells all year round. Level 2 - cosmetic - is about solving individual skin problems using specific problem-solving serums that treat the cause of the skin problems.

Should I use protect & care sun oil all year round?

Our Dr. Lars Rüther says: “It is extremely important to protect yourself from UV radiation even when the sky is overcast.” The protect & care sun oil from skinmade protects against UVA and UVB radiation all year round. It also nourishes, regenerates and repairs the skin cells thanks to valuable antioxidants, nutrient donors and much more

What skin type is the clean & care oil suitable for?

The personalized clean & care oil is suitable for every skin type because it gently cleanses the skin (without surfactants) with a caring effect and contains only non-comedogenic oils. It is a common misconception that cleansing oils are not suitable for impure and oily skin. The clean & care oil consists of jojoba, castor and olive oil and removes excess sebum, dirt, deposits, make-up and other pollutants (like dissolves like) without disturbing the natural skin barrier; instead it is regenerated and repaired.