DID YOU KNOW that UV radiation - even in low doses - can change the genetic material (DNA) and skin cells? All year round – even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds!
By the way, well before sunburn occurs...

WOW, our protect & care sun oil contains the plankton extract lecithin. This in turn contains a peptide that can efficiently repair sun-related damage to DNA, so-called thymine dimers, and thus support the body's own system. It also has a nourishing effect and supports the regeneration of the skin.

IMPORTANT: To prevent skin damage*, please avoid frequent, long-lasting and intense UV radiation and sunburns. They overload the body with the oxidative cell stress (free radicals) they trigger. Antioxidants (e.g. astaxanthin, tocopherol) serve as radical scavengers to protect the cells of our skin from oxidative stress.

*Pigmentation (tanning) of the skin,
Skin redness/sunburn (erythema),
Sun allergy and phototoxic reactions,
suppression of the immune system (immunosuppression),
premature skin aging and skin cancer.

A distinction can be made between short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) effects of UV radiation. The former occur immediately or minutes, hours and days after UV exposure, while the latter become visible as long-term effects after years or decades.

Source: bfs