A balanced microbiome - for healthier skin

DID YOU KNOW that the skin microbiome plays a crucial role in the overall health of our skin and also contributes significantly to protecting against skin problems? It refers to the entirety of microorganisms that occur everywhere on and in the human body. It consists of a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi and has an impact on the health of the body.

WOW , our microbiome contains more than 100 trillion bacteria, about as many bacteria as the human body has its own cells.

The microbiome is influenced by genetics as well as environmental factors and personal lifestyle. To find out whether your microbiome is imbalanced, we measure various biomarkers in your skin (including moisture and fat content). The needs of your skin are determined based on these values ​​and the ingredients of your care products are then tailored directly to you.

Our personalized products balance & care moisturizer for daily use and clean & care oil for evening cleansing regulate the skin moisture and surface lipids of your skin. This brings your skin’s microbiome back into its natural balance.