Dr. Lars Rüther on vitamin C in cosmetics:

DID YOU KNOW that vitamin C supports collagen synthesis, fights free radicals and is effective against age spots and acne? The most effective and common form of vitamin C is pure ascorbic acid (INCI: Ascorbic Acid). It is the only form that has biological activity and therefore has an effect on the human body.

IMPORTANT: The current challenge is, on the one hand, to process these in cosmetics in such a way that the vitamin C can penetrate deeply and thus effectively (keyword: bioavailability) into the skin. The substance is very soluble in water and is sensitive to oxygen, light and heat. This means: It becomes inactive very easily, which means that the nourishing and firming properties are lost. On the other hand, a high vitamin C concentration can easily lead to irritation (oxidative stress), especially in sensitive skin, due to its skin-renewing effect.

WOW , skinmade uses vitamin C bound to gold particles in the problem solver serums. This is a unique form of vitamin C that has increased stability of ascorbic acid (AA), along with improved skin penetration and excellent antioxidant properties. It acts as a potent antioxidant that frees the collagen structure from free radicals and supports the body in the production of new collagen. The gold particles protect the vitamin C itself from oxidation, so a small amount of vitamin C is sufficient. Skin irritations are avoided without sacrificing the long-term effects of vitamin C. It penetrates the epidermis within 30 minutes and 100% penetrates the dermis within 20 hours. The wrinkle-reducing substance is safely transported through the skin barrier into the deeper layers of the skin. Challenges solved!

The problem solver serums from skinmade are characterized by very high bioavailability, effectiveness and very good skin tolerance. They do not contain any fragrances and are therefore very suitable for sensitive skin. Special penetration systems (e.g. gold) address the respective skin cell type and ensure that the ingredients reach exactly where they are needed in the skin. The active ingredients are transported by biocompatible & biodegradable capsules. These also serve as nourishment for the cells and protect the active ingredients on the way from the surface of the skin to the inside.