Level 1 – intact skin barrier

Goal: intact skin barrier // Approach: Regulating the moisture and oil content of the skin

Level 1 forms the basis for solving specific individual key problems. The skin's natural biological balance is restored: a state in which it regenerates and fulfills its functions optimally.

The skin's most important job is to form a barrier between the body and the outside world. It protects against external influences: such as bacteria, viruses, moisture, heat, cold and excessive water loss. This barrier function is essential for your health, but also for your appearance.

[+] the skin's protective acid mantle repels many pathogens,[+] the microbiome, the specific microbial skin flora, supports the skin in defending itself against external influences,[+] the skin regulates its water balance
[+] and the temperature of the body,[+] it serves as a sensory organ[+] and as a mirror of your well-being.

To do this, we first examine the condition of the skin from a dermatological perspective using biomarkers: biological characteristics of natural and/or pathological processes and changes in the body.

We measure skin moisture and oil content in three places on both sides of the face - forehead, cheek and corner of the mouth - and compare the values ​​with scientifically proven reference values. By using your personalized face cream and personalized clean & care oil, the moisture and oil content of your skin is regulated. The natural biological balance of the two biomarkers moisture and fat content is the basis for the skin to be able to optimally fulfill all of its biological processes and the basis for resolving skin problems.

Level 2 – individual problem solvers

Goal: Eliminate the causes of skin problems // Approach: Individual problem solvers

The basis for an intact skin barrier has been created! Level 2 is about solving specific skin problems by measuring and determining the individual causes of the skin problems.

Using our hyperspectral measurement, we can get to the bottom of and determine the cause(s). In this process, specific biomarkers are measured that provide information about the main personal problem, such as collagen, elastin, cytokines and porphyrins.

Healthy and pure skin from a dermatological and cosmetic point of view is the goal and the result of our 2-level biomarker treatment. Still questions? Follow us on social media @skinmadebyyou.

The natural biological balance of the two biomarkers moisture and fat content is the basis for all of the skin's biological processes to function optimally and the basis for resolving skin problems.